Hope Academy

Hope Academy represents what schooling should be. It was founded in February 2005 by the Persaud family whose dream was to own and operate a private school of quality and integrity. Mr. and Mrs. Persaud, both veteran teachers, firmly believe that all children are capable of learning. It is their conviction to teach is a noble profession and to be a teacher is more of a calling than a duty. 

Hope Academy with its dedicated and chosen faculty is prepared to take the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. She will not tolerate another generation that knows so much about violence and destruction of life, but so little about enhancing it. Hope will be the positive instrument in which a child sees the world, she will also help to mold character, plant roots, give wings, renew hope, but most of all she will help restore self esteem, trust, respect, and honor among her students.

Hope Academy will strive for excellence both in academics and moral education. It is her humble pledge to provide a pleasant, safe, loving, and nurturing environment to her students so that they may grow in wisdom and strength and become kind and respectful citizens of tomorrow. 

Mr. and Mrs. Persaud


Mr. and Mrs. Persaud

Alma Mater

To Hope Academy we will pledge 

Our loving loyalty. 

Our banner high we’ll proudly fly 

Against the blue clad sky. 

Memories you’ll give to us 

As we learn within these halls. 

We’ll honor, trust and treasure friends 

We make amongst your walls. 

To you our sacred Alma Mater 

Our hearts are always true. 

You’ll ever be our faithful guide 

In everything we do. 

Ever forward, ever onward,  

Learning is the rule. 

Blue and White the best of all  

Hope Academy stands tall.

School Pledge

I pledge Myself 

To uphold the good name of Hope Academy. 

And its high moral values in  

School and the surrounding community. 

To obey its rules, to protect its property and to  

Cooperate with my teachers, parents and all those 

Who are placed in authority over me. 

To be regular and punctual in attendance. 

To love and respect my fellow students and dedicate my  

energies towards  

happiness and success of our school and me. 

Our Philosophy

Hope Academy is a representation of what schooling should be. The 

faculty at Hope Academy believes that all children are capable of learning. 

We hold the conviction that every child is endowed with his or her own 

individual capabilities and characteristics.  We will provide to the best of our ability the type of education best fitted for the uniqueness of the child. 

To that end, we pledge to give each child every opportunity to acquire the ability to read and write legibly and clearly, converse intelligently, cipher competently and to instill in that child the qualities of democracy, truth, respect, self esteem, propriety , and morality. 

Our first and most important person is the child. We will continue to strive for excellence in our daily struggles to provide that pleasant, loving, and nurturing environment we call “School”.  

We exist for the care and education of all children.